Notification For Computer Courses Admission Open In India




All Stduents who are studying or going to take admision in Sarva Education affiliated or franchise centres or institutes in India, have to follow below mentioned notice, rules & regulations which are prescribed for studying in Sarva Education affiliated or franchise centres or institutes in India  :- 

  • All students should attend classes, according to, their batch time regularly.
  • Students must respect their teachers and avoid arguments or fault finding.
  • Students must enter the class room with in 20 minutes from the starting of their respective batch time, after the lapse of said time, no student shall be allowed to enter the class or lab room.
  • A telephonic call will be made to their parents to confirm the reason of late coming.
  • For leave, student must write a application to centre director/head or write a reason for the same in the register maintained by the centre director/head.
  • Students cannot use mobile or cell phone inside the class, the same can be used only outside the class and mobile will be kept on vibration mode while attending the class.
  • It necessary to appear in the weekly/monthly test, as prescribed by center director/head.
  • Students have to maintain separate notebooks for test, rough works and home works. Regular checking of home work’s notebooks to concerned course faculty, is necessary.
  • Practical + viva marks will be given on the basis of student’s performance in the weekly/monthly test & regular checking of home work note books.
  • Students will not enter and exit the classroom without the prior permission of teachers.
  • No noise will be made inside and outside the class room.
  • Centre will not be liable for any loss of books, notebooks, begs etc. left at its premises by the students.
  • No student is allowed to enter inside the class/lab room by accompanying with visitor/relative/friend.
  • Students will bring class works notebooks & ID-Card.
  • Tution fee shall be deposited- before 10th date of every month. If fee is not deposited within prescribed time, 20 Rs. shall be paid extra as late fee to centre head.
  • Students can get the facility of transfer from one Sarva Centre to another with having written permission from the centre head/director. 
  • Absent from classroom will cause Rs. 10 fine; the same shall be included with monthly tution fee.
  • Admission/registration /Tuition Fee once paid shall not be refunded in any case.
  • If any student wants to quit his/her certificate/diploma/other course, he/she has to serve one month prior written notice or application for the same to centre head/director and get NOC for the said quitting of course.  If he/she fails to do so, action shall be taken against him/her.
  • Students must confirm their Enrollment No. or Roll No. from C.O- H.P by making telephonic calls directly to Sarva Director H.P.
  • Students have to follow batch wise procedure for theory & lab classes, made by the centre head.
  • It will be the duty of student to take receipt for all types of fees from centre head. 
  • The certificate & diplomas to be issued only after -the confirmation of student’s registration with Sarva Education - successful completion of the course- obtaining NOC from centre director/head.
  • Students have to follow the rules enforced by the centre director in the sake of their study.
  • Sarva education will provide job assistance to deserving candidates only.
  • Sarva I.T & Educational Development is an non commercial autonomous organization (Licensed by Govt. of India) running various job oriented skill advancement training awareness Programme on not for profit basis in non formal education sector and designed various job oriented basic certificate and diploma courses to eliminate the burning problem of unemployment, so  that student can be able to get employment and self-employment opportunity in the present era of competition.
  • Student will get Sarva Education or Sarva I.T & Educational Development titled, printed, certified & issued diploma and certificates. However these diploma and certificates are applicable for jobs but the acceptance of these diplomas & certificates shall depend upon the discretion, rule & regulations, Guidelines made for concerned post/vacancy/job, by concerned govt. or private departments.
  • Students will pay prescribed fee of courses to centre head. Sarva Education charges onetime nominal registration/enrollment fee from student for certifcate/diploma through centre head. Sarva Education will not have any sharing in Admission/tution/Exam fee and all such types of fees will be prescribed by concerned centre head, as per investment, infrastructure,facility provided in computer literacy centre, geographical condition of area, literacy ratio & backwardness of area. So Sarva education will not be held liable on fee issues/disputes between centre head or students and all such issue/disputes will be mutually settled between student and centre head. Sarva Education will give suggestion only on this issue/dispute.
  • If student is minor (Under 18 Years) at the time of taking admission into any sarva courses, then guardian signature is necessary on admission form.
  • Decisions taken for the sake of student by Sarva Education will be final, acceptable and binding to everyone.
  • Sarva Education may change, revise any of the above mentioned Notice/rules & regulations from time to time as per required without any prior notice to students.
  • To learn computer education students must have knowledge of English, otherwise teachers will not be able to impart you good teaching standard.
  • Students are advised to check/Confirm their Enrollment Number. On this website with in 3 Months from the date of their admissions. You can check your Enrollment Number till the duration of respective course opted, thereafter Your Enrollment Number will be Deleted from Site database. If any Student wants to Confirm his/her Enrollment to Sarva Education after the completion of Course then he/she can make telephonic call to Sarva Education
  • For the validity of our affiliated or franchised Centre, Please Check centre affiliation code on
  • If You (Student) are accepting above mentioned Clarification/notice/rule & regulations then you can take admission into any course of SITED, Otherwise not.  No excuse shall be entertained after admission in any case whatsoever.




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