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Examination or Certification procedure/method in Computer education franchise institute of Sarva Education in India:-

  • Student can collect examination form, from his/her concerned centre head/Director by depositing prescribed examination fee for the course.
  • Student has to submit the said examination form to our computer education franchise centre head/Director in time. Otherwise he/she shall not be allowed to appear in his/her respective course examination.
  • Student has to secure at least 35% marks for paasing concerned course examination. If any student doesn’t clear his/her exams one attempt will be given to him/her to pass out the exams with reappearing examination fee.
  • If any student remains absent in examination for whatsoever reason has to pay his/her respective course examination fee again, as penalty to our computer institute franchise head.
  • An investigator/superintend will be appointed by Sarva Education HO or its computer center franchise head to conduct the examination. And if any student is found guilty of cheating/imitation in examination, will not be entitled for the certification of his/her course and a legal action shall be taken against him.
  • After passing the theoretical as well as practical examinations student will be awarded with the certification of his/her respective certificate/diploma course.
  • Students will not be awarded theComputer certificate/diploma by head office if any outstanding dues pending from student side.
  • Student can collect his/her respective computer Courses certificate/diploma from centre director, after the period of 25 days from the date of examination completion.
  • In case student loses his/her certificate/diploma, the same can be reissued on submitting the Sarva student ID CARD or written declaration for the same certificate/diploma. And Rs.500/- shall be paid to C.O- H.P through concerned computer franchise institute director/head.
  • Student Can Verify his/her computer education certificate or roll no. on our website or direct call to HO to verify the same.  



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