Process CUM Procedure for Computer Center Registration- HOW TO REGISTER A COMPUTER TRAINING INSTITUTE


COMPUTER CENTER REGISTRATION, Process (Requirements/PROCEDURE) To Register Computer Education Training Center, INSTITUTE in India!


“Govt of India Registered(R) (ORG) Computer Institute Franchise (Affiliation) offer for Village (Rural) & City (Urban) Area” of India.


Smooth- Procedure CUM Rules for Computer Education Courses Affiliation, Guidelines (Format) To Get Low Fee Franchise-Registration/Recognition To Open/Start/Establish Computer Training Center & Institute In India (Bharat)

If, you WANT to know the EXACT PROCESS to Register-Get/Establish/Begin/Open Computer Training Center or Computer education training institute.

Then become or emerge as our “REGISTERED COMPUTER EDUCATION TRAINING FRANCHISE” with low, small & minimal investment everywhere in India.

  • Our BRANDED Computer_Center_Franchise-Affiliation/Offer/Scheme/Version/Assignment is the exceptional Appropriate option for you, because we offer & provide computer institute franchise or Registration procedure for starting computer centre affiliation with cheap/low fee-investment all over India.
  • Sarva Education words itself endorse “Training/Education For all” without any discrimination of caste, tradition, faith, gender, repute and so on. SITED believes in humanity & respects all castes & religions of our incredible Bharat (Republic of India).
  • Sarva Education (An I.T. Training Awareness Programme) initiated through Sarva I.T & Educational Development (SITED), which is Prime/True/Relied on/Reputed/TOP level country wide autonomous organization for Computer EDUCATION, I.T, HRD, Skill Development & Literacy Programmes. It works on not for income purpose.

SITED(R)-India has Started out, Registered Nice Task/job orientated Computer Education Courses or I.T & occupational education consciousness programme/mission/project/abhiyan to remove the prevailing burning problem of unemployment that is being promoted with the aid of/in the name of- Sarva Education. To promote computer (I.T.) training/literacy/training/talent-Skill improvement & Development Programme.

  1. SITED-India has been CERTIFIED/LICENSED BY GOVT OF INDIA vides LIC. no.2/114/t-1/08/d, read with notification no. GSR 288(E) DATED 31.5.1991 of GOVT. OF INDIA- ministry of law/regulation, justice & department of ca. Sited-India has been Supplied-Obtained prestigious worldwide ISO 9001:2008/2015 certification for its best control/management system.
  2. SITED (INDIA) is the quality “ISO 9001:2008-2015 certified computer training center/institute Registration, Franchise & Affiliation Provider Organization/Institute in India. Operating Vicinity & Territorial jurisdiction of the organization extends to entire of India.
  3. Essential goal is to take away the burning hassle of unemployment in rural/gramin region or Shahri/city area or village areas of India. For this noble purpose, Sarva i.t. & educational development is providing great job oriented computer software courses training & hardware education, occupational education/training courses at minimal & inexpensive or low expenses to people/individuals through  its “TOP/PREMIER LISTED COMPUTER TRAINING FRANCHISEE OR AFFILIATED/REGISTERED INSTITUTE IN INDIA”, Particularly in the area of computer training/education so that our unemployed people able to get/obtain/avail self employment & employment possibility in all type private & government zone jobs.
  4. Sarva I.T. & Educational Development has constituted diverse national level division or initiatives or programmes for the proper running and management of job oriented computer education & occupational trainings schemes & projects, consisting of- Sarva Education (computer software & hardware training), Sarva child development and care training, Sarva spoken English & personality improvement Education.

The courses of Sarva Education/training are launched after an initial survey to meet all associated requirement of the student/scholars. Sarva I.T. & Educational Development has very good instructors support and a great environment which prepare the scholars for country wide and international profession/job possibilities inside the know-how-based economy via boosting their employability through activity oriented computer or skill/talent development trainings.

Sarva i.t. & educational development will introduce computer education government projects/schemes for its computer institute franchise & registered computer center under tie-up with government corporations/department.

  • To get/obtain-Registration AS computer Education Training Institute Franchise | computer center recognition | computer education centre affiliation | computer institute registration or to be/become our computer education franchise or affiliate in Bharat (India), potential computer training centre head has to comply with clean/easy approach/manner to get/open/set up our computer institute franchisee or computer center affiliation, computer training institute registration, computer academy recognition, computer cad courses accreditation.
  • Any Man or Woman, Registered NGO, already Established computer institute & New computer/vocational education centre who's searching for for/searching out/need to get quality business possibility in the subject of computer education franchise & occupational/vocational education with low investment can observe for our computer education franchise offer & computer training centre affiliation in his/her concerned place, if he/she fulfills all necessities, regulations & policies laid down or prescribed for putting in computer training institute or turning into computer franchisee centre in India below our computer education franchise emblem/brand.
  • On Fulfilling of all “PROCEDURE, PROCESS, NECESSITIES & METHODS FOR REGISTERING/OPENING NEW COMPUTER TRAINING Centre/INSTITUTE” or turning into/becoming & beginning our NEW Register computer centre franchise in India, SITED head office will provide/offer/award/ Computer Center Authorization, Computer Institute Registration-Affiliation-Recognition Franchisee Certificate to its Registered/Permitted & Affiliated (certified) computer center.
  • For validity of computer center- our authorized & certified computer centre franchisee can affirm/check/verify his/her registered/recognized/affiliated computer centre-institute code at our website:

Sarva-India has designed & provided exceptional ONLINE/OFFLINE theoretical & practical “FREE COMPUTER EDUCATION E-BOOKS” for students, who have taken admission OR Enrolled underneath Information Technology (I.T), Computer, and Occupational/vocational Courses training awareness Programme/Scheme/project/BUSINESS Plan of SITED, in our procedure wise Registered Computer Franchise or Affiliated centres all over India (Bharat).

All “SOFT FREE COMPUTER EDUCATION E-BOOKS” have been designed by way of skilled experts of I.T. area for Enrolled computer students/trainee studying in our “TOP Registered”, computer franchise institutes & computer affiliated centres anywhere in Republic of India.

Sarva I.T. & Educational development is Presenting- LOW Cost-Low Investment-Reasonably Priced Computer Institute Registration Procedure/Process, Computer Education franchise, Proposal/Scheme/Project/business- plan/Chance  & computer institute affiliation/registration/recognition with low price & funding below its i.t trainings consciousness programme on national level to computer education centres, I.T. education institutes & computer literacy academies .

Sarva Education has Released/Initiated computer education training institute registration_process (affiliation, association, registration concept & computer education franchisee PROPOSAL_scheme-offer-PLAN) for following states in India:-

*Andhra Pradesh, *Andaman and Nicobar, *Arunachal Pradesh, *Assam, *Bihar, *Chandigarh, *Chhattisgarh, *Dadra and Nagar Haveli, *Daman and Diu, *Country wide capital territory of Delhi, *Goa, *Gujarat, *Haryana, *Himachal Pradesh, *Jammu and Kashmir, *Jharkhand, *Karnataka, *Kerala, *Lakshadweep, *Madhya Pradesh, *Maharashtra, *Manipur, *Meghalaya, *Mizoram, *Nagaland, *Odisha, *Puducherry, *Punjab, *Rajasthan, *Sikkim, *Tamilnadu, *Telangana, *Tripura, *Uttar Pradesh(UP), *Uttarakhand, *West Bengal and so forth.

To Get Recognition (Registration/Affiliation) As "Computer Center Franchise" or Want to Grow /Become our registerd PC- Computer Education Training Franchise or Affiliate in India-Bharat then, Prospective/NEW computer centre head has to follow simple manner to get our computer institute franchisee or computer center affiliation & registration.

Any person/Individual, ngo, already Running/Opened/Existing Computer Training Institute & new computer education/vocational training centre who is seeking for nice business possibility inside the area of computer & occupational education with low funding can avail our computer education franchise & computer education affiliation in his/her involved region.

If he/she fulfills all Requirements, Policies & Guidelines laid down or prescribed for putting in place for Registering A Computer Training Institute or Becoming our registered center or recognized computer literacy center franchisee in India underneath our prime brand name.

On final touch of All necessities & procedures for turning into/beginning/getting our computer centre franchise in India, SITED head office will provide or Furnish computer center authorization certificate or “Registered Computer Institute Franchisee Certificate” To Accepted/Approved I.T Centre. Our Finalized Accredited (Register Computer Education Study Center in India, Computer Academy franchisee, Affiliated PC Coaching Institute can confirm his/her centre code on our internet site:


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