Process CUM Procedure for Computer Center Registration- HOW TO REGISTER A COMPUTER TRAINING INSTITUTE in Andhra Pradesh, Andaman and Nicobar, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Chandigarh, Chhattisgarh, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Daman and Diu, National Capital Territory of Delhi (NCT), Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Lakshadweep, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Odisha, Puducherry, Punjab, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Tamilnadu, Telangana, Tripura, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, West Bengal
COMPUTER CENTER REGISTRATION, Process (Requirements/PROCEDURE/Process) To Register Computer Education Training Center, INSTITUTE in India!

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SITED-Certified/Licensed. by Central:: Govt. of India, Vide Licence.No.2/114/T-1/08/D, Read with the notification of Central Ministry of Law, Justice & CA, Department of CA No. GSR 288(E) dated 31.5.1991, Vide Reg. No. U72900HP2008NPL030981, ISO 9001:2015 Cert. No: ACBCB/ICMC/111601101, New Delhi,

Govt of India Registered(R) (ORG) Computer Institute Registration, Franchise (Affiliation) Procedure (Process) For Village (Rural) & City (Urban) Area of India.

Smooth- (Procedure) CUM Rules for Computer Education Courses Affiliation, Guidelines (Format) To Get Low Fee Franchise-Registration/Recognition To Open/Start/Establish Computer Training Center & Institute In India (Bharat)

If, you WANT to know the "EXACT PROCESS" to Register-Get/Establish/Begin/Open Computer Training Center or Computer education training institute.

Then become or emerge as our REGISTERED COMPUTER EDUCATION TRAINING FRANCHISE CENTER with low, small & minimal investment everywhere in India.

  • Our BRANDED Computer Center Franchise-Affiliation-Offer/Scheme-Plan is the exceptional Appropriate option for you, because we offer & provide computer institute franchise or Registration procedure for starting computer centre affiliation with cheap/low fee-investment all over India, Since 2008.
  • Sarva Education words itself endorse Training/Education For all without any discrimination of caste, tradition, faith, gender, repute and so on. SITED believes in humanity & respects all castes & religions of our incredible Bharat (Republic of India).
  • Sarva Education (An I.T. Training Awareness Programme) initiated through Sarva I.T & Educational Development (SITED), which is Prime/True/Relied on/Reputed/TOP level country wide autonomous organization for Computer EDUCATION, I.T, HRD, Skill Development & Literacy Programmes. It works on not for income purpose.

SITED(R)-India has Started out, under its Registered job orientated Computer Education Courses or I.T & occupational education Awareness programme, Abhiyaan, Project, Saksharta Mission to remove the prevailing burning problem of unemployment that is being promoted with the aid of/in the name of- Sarva Education. To promote computer (I.T.) training/literacy/training/talent-Skill improvement & Development Programme.

  1. SITED India has been Certified/Licensed By Govt of India vides LIC. no.2/114/t-1/08/d, read with notification no. GSR 288(E) DATED 31.5.1991 of GOVT. OF INDIA- ministry of law/regulation, justice & Department of CA. Sited-India has been Supplied-Obtained prestigious worldwide ISO 9001:2008/2015 certification for its best control/management system.
  2. SITED (INDIA) is the quality ISO 9001:2008-2015 certified computer training center/institute Registration, Franchise & Affiliation Provider Organization/Institute in India. Operating Vicinity & Territorial jurisdiction of the organization extends to entire of India.
  3. Essential goal is to take away the burning hassle of unemployment in rural, gramin region or Shahri/City area or village areas of India under its Computer Saksharta Mission. For this noble purpose, Sarva I.T. & Educational Development is providing great job oriented computer software courses training & hardware education, occupational education/training courses at minimal & inexpensive or low expenses to people/individuals through its TOP/PREMIER LISTED COMPUTER TRAINING FRANCHISEE OR AFFILIATED/REGISTERED INSTITUTE IN INDIA, Particularly in the area of computer training/education so that our unemployed people able to get/obtain/avail self employment & employment possibility in all type private & government zone jobs.
  4. Sarva I.T. & Educational Development has constituted diverse national level division or initiatives or programmes for the proper running and management of job oriented computer education & occupational trainings schemes & projects, consisting of- Sarva Education (computer software & hardware training), Sarva child development and care training, Sarva spoken English & personality improvement Education.

The courses of Sarva Education/training are launched after an initial survey to meet all associated requirement of the student/scholars. Sarva I.T. & Educational Development has very good instructors support and a great environment which prepare the scholars for country wide and international profession/job possibilities inside the know-how-based economy via boosting their employability through activity oriented computer or skill/talent development trainings.

Sarva I.T. & Educational Development will introduce computer education government projects/schemes for its computer institute franchise & registered computer center under tie-up with government corporations/department.

  • To get/obtain-Registration AS computer Education Training Institute Franchise | computer center recognition | computer education centre affiliation | computer institute registration or to be/become our computer education franchise or affiliate in Bharat (India), potential computer training centre head has to comply with clean/easy approach/manner to get/open/set up our computer institute franchisee or computer center affiliation, computer training institute registration, computer academy recognition, computer cad courses accreditation.
  • Any Man or Woman, Registered NGO, Already Established Computer Institute & New computer/vocational education centre who's searching for for/searching out/need to get quality business possibility in the subject of computer education Franchise & Occupational/vocational education, Skill Development, with low investment can observe for our computer education franchise offer & computer training centre affiliation in his/her concerned place, if he/she fulfills all necessities, regulations & policies laid down or prescribed for putting in computer training institute or turning into computer franchisee centre in India below our computer education franchise emblem/brand.
  • On Fulfilling of all PROCEDURE, PROCESS, NECESSITIES & METHODS FOR REGISTERING/OPENING NEW COMPUTER Education TRAINING Centre/INSTITUTE or Turning into/becoming & beginning our NEW Register computer centre franchise in India, SITED head office will provide/offer/award/ Computer Center Authorization, Computer Institute Registration-Affiliation-Recognition Franchisee Certificate to its Registered/Permitted & Affiliated (certified) computer center.
  • For validity of computer center- our authorized & certified computer centre franchisee can affirm/check/verify his/her registered/recognized/affiliated computer centre-institute code at our website:

Sarva-India has designed & provided exceptional ONLINE/OFFLINE theoretical & practical FREE COMPUTER EDUCATION E-BOOKS for students, who have taken admission OR Enrolled underneath Information Technology (I.T), Computer, and Occupational/vocational/skill Courses training awareness Programme/Scheme/project/BUSINESS Plan of SITED, in our procedure wise Registered Computer Franchise or Affiliated centres all over India (Bharat).

All FREE COMPUTER EDUCATION E-BOOKS have been designed by way of skilled experts of I.T. area for Enrolled computer students/trainee studying in our TOP Registered, computer franchise institutes & computer affiliated centres anywhere in Republic of India.

Sarva Education has Released/Initiated computer education training institute registration_process (affiliation, association, registration concept & computer education franchisee PROPOSAL_scheme-offer-PLAN) for following states in India:-

*Andhra Pradesh, *Andaman and Nicobar, *Arunachal Pradesh, *Assam, *Bihar, *Chandigarh, *Chhattisgarh, *Dadra and Nagar Haveli, *Daman and Diu, *Country wide capital territory of Delhi, *Goa, *Gujarat, *Haryana, *Himachal Pradesh, *Jammu and Kashmir, *Jharkhand, *Karnataka, *Kerala, *Lakshadweep, *Madhya Pradesh, *Maharashtra, *Manipur, *Meghalaya, *Mizoram, *Nagaland, *Odisha, *Puducherry, *Punjab, *Rajasthan, *Sikkim, *Tamilnadu, *Telangana, *Tripura, *Uttar Pradesh(UP), *Uttarakhand, *West Bengal and so forth.


To Get Recognition (Registration-Affiliation) As "Computer Center Franchise" or Want to Grow /Become our registered PC- Computer Education Training Franchise or Affiliate in India-Bharat then, Prospective/NEW computer centre head has to follow simple manner to get our computer institute franchisee or computer center affiliation & registration.

Any person/Individual, ngo, already Running/Opened/Existing Computer Training Institute & new computer education/vocational training centre who is seeking for nice business possibility inside the area of computer & occupational education with low funding can avail our computer education franchise & computer education affiliation in his/her involved region.

If he/she fulfills all Requirements, Policies & Guidelines laid down or prescribed for putting in place for Registering A Computer Training Institute or Becoming our registered center or recognized computer literacy center franchisee in India underneath our prime brand name.

On final touch of All necessities & procedures for turning into/beginning/getting our computer centre franchise in India, SITED head office will provide or Furnish computer center authorization certificate or Registered Computer Institute Franchisee Certificate, To Accepted/Approved I.T Centre. Our Finalized Accredited (Register Computer Education Study Center in India, Computer Academy franchisee, Affiliated Computer Coaching Institute can confirm his/her centre code on our internet site:


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