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Prescribe attendance procedure in computer education franchise institute

Best Attendance procedure in computer education franchise center, method to maintain student presence by computer center franchise head, Every student who has taken admission in our computer franchise center, shall have to follow below mentioned rules made for attendance. 

Attendance procedure in Sarva Education (SITED) affiliated/franchised computer education center in India

  • Student has to make declaration of his/her 80% regular attendance on the  Student’s Attendance Record Form, which shall be signed by the student at the time of his/her admission and submitted to our computer education franchise centre director for his/her regular attendance record.
  • If any student fails to fulfill 80% regular attendance condition in our computer education franchise center/institute, he/she shall not be allowed to appear in the final examination & no excuse shall be entertained.
  • Student can apply for leave by writing a leave application and submitting the same to the centre director or by writing a reason for leave along with leave days, date, signature in the registered maintained by our computer education franchise institute director for student leaves.
  • Students who are appearing in academic examinations (10th, +2, U.G & PG. etc.) can apply to our computer center franchise director for leave of 40 days. But during this period student must continue to make their monthly Tuition fee installments as per the course duration schedule.
  • A student who remains absent  continuously for 35 days, without getting prior written permission from our computer institute franchise director, shall not be allowed to enter the class-room(theory/lab). He/she can enter the class if he/she pays 50% of Admission/Registration fee.

Top attendance procedure for computer education franchise center, procedure to maintain student attendance by computer center franchise head, Every student who has taken admission in our computer franchise center, shall have to follow above mentioned rules made for attendance.



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