Admission Process in Computer Centre


How to get admission in our computer education franchise/affiliated Institute?

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Step by Step Admission or Registration procedure in Sarva Education franchised Computer education Centre or affiliated computer Institute in India:-

  • Students can collect the prospectus along with Admission/Registration form nearest Sarva Education affiliated or franchised or Authorized Computer education centre.
  • Student has to fill up the Admission/Registration form and attach certificate photocopy of the last passed academic examination (as per requirement for the proposed course)  and also attach concerned category certificates (SC/ OBC etc.) photocopies to get the advantage of Sarva Education fee relaxation scheme offered by affiliated or authorised computer entre Head. The said forms should be duly attested by Gazetted officer.
  • Student has to bring original copies of required certificates for the verification of concerned Sarva centre Head/Director and also bring three recent colored photographs at the time of admission or registration in computer course. 
  • Students have to pay following fee for their respective/opted coursesRegistration fee, tuition fee, Examination fee, Course study material fee. Installment procedure shall be followed only for tuition fee. All mentioned fees shall be paid or deposited to concerned Sarva Education affiliated or authorized Centre Head/Director by the students. If student fail to pay above mentioned fee for his respective/opted course, shall not be, awarded with or entitled to , his/her computer certificate/Diploma. And legal action can also be taken against him/her.
  • On accepting the admission/Registration form, centre head/director shall issue Sarva Education student ID card along with enrollment no. and the said enrollment no. has been printed on admission/Registration form which is issued by Sarva Education.
  • Student will pay study material charge, tuition fee & Exam fee to centre head directly, Sarva Education will not have any share in said fees because Sarva Education has given authority to decide said fees to affiliated or franchised centre or Institute head and he/she will decide said fees as per literacy ratio, population, geographical conditions of his/her area and facilities provided in his/her centre. Sarva Education is liable to respective course registration fee only.


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